Welcoming Speech by Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie at Borneo Tribal Fest 2019 Launching Ceremony

1.0 Greetings

Selamat pagi dan Salam Sejahtera kepada;

  1. Tetamu Kehormat kita, YB. Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Anak Utom, Menteri Utiliti Sarawak dan YBhg. Datin Sri Loreta Sawot.
  2. YB Malcom Mussem Anah Ramoh Assistant Minister for Industries and Investment, Acting Deputy State Secretary, YBhg Datu Ik Pahon, Vips, Heads of Ministries and Department, Businessmen, Associates.
  3. Ketua Ketua Masyarakat, Ketua-Ketua Kaum
  4. Relatives, Supporters, Friends, Visitors, Tourists
  5. Tuan Tuan, Puan Puan yang dihormati

A very good morning and most welcome to BTF19 and Borneo Tribal Village and Selamat Gawai Raya to all our Dayak and Muslim friends.

2.0 Thanks & Praise

  1. Firstly, we wish to thanks God for his blessing to enable us to hold this BTF19 peacefully and successfully.
  2. We also wish to especially thank and welcome our Guest of Honour YB. Dato Sri Dr. Stephen Rundi Anak Utom Minister of Utilities Sarawak and YBhg. Datin Sri Loreta Sawot for having kindly come to grace this BTF19 despite his very busy schedule especially due to the Gawai Raya season now.
  3. And we also wish to express our sincere appreciation and thanks to all the VIPs, Tan Sri, Datuk Datuk, Datin Datin, and Government Officers, Business Associates and Friends for your kind support and presence here today.
  4. I must also thank all my supporters and local friends for coming to join us today for me to give a simple thank you for your invaluable support especially when I was a Wakil Rakyat at N.2 Tasik Biru for the past 20 years.
  5. We also wish to thank all our relatives who can come and join us for this memorial Anniversary event of our dear parents.
  6. Big thank you also to all our employees, Redeems CEC, volunteers and helpers and to everyone who have work very hard in one way or another to make this BTF19 a success.
  7. And welcome and thanks to all visitors, clients and tourists who come to join us in this BTF19 today.

3.0 About BTF19 & BTV

3.01 Introduction

The theme for BTF19 is “Lets Go Tribal”.  This is because our niche is TRIBAL and that is why BTF is made to be an iconic event of BTV to showcase at least some of the aspects of the life of the Borneo Tribal People in terms of Architecture, Sports and Games, Art, Crafts and Culture, food and drinks, vegetables, herbs and fruits trees as well as to continuously update on the latest development and facilities at BTV for the enjoyment of all to LIVE, LEARN & LEISURE for Perpetual Wellness.

The reason for BTV to have on tagline of “Live, Learn & Leisure for Perpetual Wellness” is because you can come to BTV to do camping, live or stay at our Tribal Hut, Tribal House, Bamboo Cabin, Long Houses, Motel and Chalet. And you can also learn about our planning concept, Tribal architecture, arts, craft, vegetables, herbs, fruit trees, flowers, bamboo etc.

At BTV you can also leisure to pat tortoise back for long life, feed fish for happiness, see aquaponics to appreciate nature at work, listen to waterfall for peace of mind, taste Stingless Bee or Kelulut Honey for vitality, visit our wild orchid pitcher plant and vanilla garden to relax your mind.

And for good health and sharpening your skills and dexterity at BTV, you can do some exercise by going for a 3km jungle walk, take part in our Tribal sports and games like blowpipe and catapult targeting, top spinning, obstacles race and even do a Melanau Tibou Swing!.

Thus, if you come to do all these at BTV often enough, you will surely enjoy Perpetual Wellness.

And thus, BTF19 is to have an open day for BTV for the public to know more about BTV and what you can do here and this year it is  held at BTV and we will try to do BTF as our iconic annual event of BTV to be included in the Sarawak Tourism Calendar, God willing.

3.02 BTF19 Side Programmes

However, BTF19 is quite special to us this this year  in that it is held during our state Festive season of Gawai Dayak and Hari Raya as well as many of our family anniversaries that this event is actually is a 7 in 1 event as follows:

  1. BTF19 is to have our BTV Open Day.
  2. To mark my 70th Birthday to remind myself I am entering the 7 series.
  3. To make our 35th Wedding Anniversary.
  4. In memory of my parents Death Anniversary.
  5. Gawai Raya celebration.
  6. Jasamu di Kenang to all my supporters & friends especially when 1 was in Politic and a Wakil Rakyat for 20years.
  7. Award of MSPO by BQAS to the Mini Oil Palm Estate of our company  Beetuah Agroventures Sdn Bhd and the signing of 3 MOU between our Associated Company Copial Corporation with a German Company to manufacture beer and with a West Malaysian Company to do a Pilot Farm for Musang King and with a China Company to be the Agent of Copial Corporation products.

Thus, for us Bisingai people, we call this type of doing things all at one time, “All Together Sija Tia”. And this term is made famous by the late Encik Baot of Kpg. Poting, Singai! Peace be to Him!

However, although this BTF19, event sound quite big but as only an ordinary small people, we do it in a very simple and modest Tribal scale because the sentimental value and fellowship with friends, relatives and all of you who can come to this Festival is more valuable to us. However, as this hall is rather small we can only have 20 tables and the rest is theatre style buffet but the menu is the same.

Thus, for any short coming, we apologize but we just hope you will make the best of your time here to be free and easy to explore what BTV can offer for your future visits, retreats and events here.

3.03 BTF19 Programmes

BTF19 Programme run for over 2 days from 2 pm on 07th June 2019 to 4pm on 09th June 2019. The programmes highlight include 6 competition namely:

  • Miss & Mr. Tribal Pageant & Obut run
  • Blowpipe competition from 8am to 3pm today 08th June 2019
  • Catapult competition from 3 pm to 5pm yesterday 07th June 2019
  • Fishing competition from 11 am to 12noon on Sunday 09th June 2019
  • FootGolf competition from 8am to 10am today 08th June 2019

Other programmes include Tribal Cultural Performance, Tribal Music, Sale of Tribal foods & drinks, Arts and Crafts and merchandise, Tribal sports and games showcase that you can try your hand in like Tribal spear throwing, coin games, top spinning and cock boxing as sports only.

4.0 Project Requests

YB. Dato Sri Dr. Sir, as usual Sir, Dato Sri when a Minister comes to rural area like this the rakyat will always request for projects. Thus, on behalf of the Rakyat here I wish to request for two minor rural project for YB. Dato Sri Dr. kind consideration and approval, please:

i) Extension of about 2.5km of water and electricity supply for the remaining of Adis Soba Road.

YB Dato Sri Dr. Sir, for your kind information, the remaining of only about 2.5km stretch of the Adis Soba Road that pass this BTV still has no water and electricity supply to serve all the landowners there. Thus, they would be most grateful to the caring GPS government and especially to you as Minister of Public Utilities Sarawak Sir, for your kind consideration and approval for the water and electricity supply to be implemented soonest possible for that remaining stretch of Adis Soba Road, please.

ii) Foot path for Jungle Walk in Redeems Bamboo Botanical Park.

Secondly, YB. Dato Sri Dr. you may still remember that in 2006 you came here with Tan Sri Datuk Patinggi Alfred Jabu to Launch the Redeem Bamboo Botanical Park Project just behind us here, and plant a Bamboo there, as Redeems is a Community Based Organisation (CBO), NGO and NPO it can only implement its social projects like this with CSR fund from kind donors and government grants.

To further develop this community project for the benefit of the rakyat we need to construct a footpath for a jungle walk of about 3km in the park. Thus, the rakyat here would be most grateful to our GPS government and yourself sir if YB. Dato Sri Dr. can give a grant of RM30,000 to Redeems to do this project recordingly, please.

In short, YB. Dato Sri Dr. on behalf of the rakyat we wish to thank you in advance sir, for your kind consideration and approval for these 2 minor rural projects to be implemented for the benefits of the rural people, please.

5.0 Conclusion

YB. Dato Sri Dr. , YBhg. Datin Sri, Ladies and Gentlemen, in conclusion, once again we wish to thank you all very much for coming to share this occasion with us and hope that you all will take your time to take part in the activities of this event and enjoy the simplicity of this Tribal Fest as well as get to know more about our BTV for your future consideration for a visit, retreats and corporate events and team building programmes. To make your bookings and for further information, please kindly logon to our Website: www.borneotribalvillage.com and contact us on Email: borneotribalvillage2012@gmail.comand Phone: 082-450450.

Sekian, Terima Kasih, Thank You.