As Borneo Tribal Village is a unique place for perpetual wellness, live, learn and leisure, it is planned such that visitors can walk or drive along the VISITORS TRAIL to find their way in an orderly manner to see, enjoy and experience most of the major attractions at Borneo Tribal Village so that they are not at a loss but know how to move around Borneo Tribal Village even without a guide as long as they have Borneo Tribal Village Master Plan and Visitors Guide Booklet with them.

1. Starting Point

Start at reception / office of Borneo Tribal Village and go to the main gate passing by honolulu / morning glory flowers and see the thousands of stingless bee (kelulut) collecting nectar from the flowers especially during morning time.

2. Welcoming Belian Fence

Upon arriving at the Borneo Tribal Village main gate notice the layout of the belian outer trunk (iron wood of Borneo) fence like an outstretched hand welcoming our visitors with intricate natural motif of different pattern on each piece.

3. The Tortoise Pit

Enter the main gate and stop at the Tortoise Pit to PAT TORTOISE BACK FOR LONG LIFE and peep into the pit to see life tortoise of various species. Here you can make a wish and contribute to tortoise feed by using the slot in front of the tortoise statue. No coins or other objects are to be thrown into the tortoise pit to maintain the good health of the tortoise and the cleanliness of the Tortoise Pit.

4. FISH POND Gazebo

Move on to the Gazebo over the Fish Pond to enjoy the panoramic view of the pond and FEED FISH FOR HAPPINESS. Use only food from BTV.

5. Aquaponic

Go over to see the AQUAPONICS to WATCH ECOSYSTEM AT WORK and sand bed nursery.


Proceed to the Singai Mountain Waterfall to LISTEN TO WATERFALL FOR PEACE OF MIND.

7. Beverage Avenue, Jungle Camping Site, Stingless Bee (Kelulut) Garden

Carry on around the pond upper corner passing by the colourful flowers of morning glory and turn left passing the Beverage Avenue of tea, coffee, cocoa and starfruits trees to go to the Stingless Bee (Kelulut) Garden on your left and Jungle Camping Site on your right. With prior arrangement with Borneo Tribal Village Management you can TASTE STINGLESS BEE HONEY FOR GOOD HEALTH at the Stingless Bee Garden.

8. Wild Orchid / Pitcher Plant Garden & Borneo Timber Trees Garden

Proceed to pass the Wild Orchid and Pitcher Plant garden on the right side with Public Toilet / Shower Centre at the back and the Borneo Timber Tress Garden on the left side to reach the Tribal and contemporary games and sports centre.

9. Tribal & CoNtemporary Games & Sports Centre

At this centre, half of it is allocated for Tribal Sports and games like blow pipe and catapult targeting and the other half for contemporary sports and games venue such as for obstacle race.

10. Public Toilets / Showers Center and Herbs, Vegetables, Fruit Trees Avenue

Proceed to the Tribal Herbs, Vegetable and fruits trees garden avenue passing the public toilets / showers centre to the right and the samples of the local and imported herbs, vegetables and fruits trees until you reach the end of this avenue and turn back to the iconic photo taking point of Borneo Tribal Village.

11. Iconic Photo Taking Point, Tribal Paddy Store Hut, Tribal Farm Hut

Everyone visiting Borneo Tribal Village must take photo here to have an iconic photo with the Borneo Tribal Village centre as backdrop and a lasting and sweet memory of Borneo Tribal Village. Near to this spot to the left is the Tribal Paddy Store Hut with disc to the post to prevent the rat to reach the paddy storage in the hut.

12. Tribal Museum

Next after the Tribal Farm Hut is the Tribal Museum. The first floor of this Tribal museum is to keep and showcase the tribal crafts, implements and other heritage of the main tribal people of Sarawak and Borneo, so that their heritage will not be lost as the Tribal people get modernised.

13. Contemporary Longhouse

Exiting from the first floor of the Tribal Museum you will cross over to the first floor of the Contemporary Longhouse building, typical of a more modern Bidayuh or Iban or Orang Ulu Tribes Longhouse Village.

14. Traditional Longhouse

This traditional longhouse was the first structure to be built at Borneo Tribal Village was first started and conceptualised in 2012.

15. Meeting/ Kitchen/ Cafe Block

This is a light steel building to cater for a meeting/activity room of 24 feet by 36 feet and kitchen/catering area as well as a café with seating area.

16. The Baruk Kopial & Kidau Tribal Hall

Baruk Kopial is an iconic round house of the Bidayuh tribe in Borneo named after the most famous ancient Bisingai warrior named Kopial.

17. Tribal House

Next to the café and in one side of the Kidau Tribal Hall is the Tribal House. Such tribal house was very common in the Tribal Villages in Sarawak, Borneo after they started to abandon their longhouses to stay in individual houses in their new village in the 1950s. For more information please refer to Tribal House under Accommodation section.

18. Riverbank Annex

From the tribal house, proceed to the back gate to go to the river bank annex of BTV.

The river bank annex of BTV is a demonstration of how a wasteland by the river bank can be turned into an attractive place by careful planning to blend the natural environment with accommodation, public facilities and recreational amenities.


From the River Bank Annex, you can end your visit by stopping at BTV reception office at our Lobby Lounge to pick up some merchandise such as BTV Tee Shirts and Stingless Bee Honey (Kelulut Honey) to bring back as your sweet and memorable visit to BTV. 

And of course don’t forget to share your pictures, videos and experience of BTV with your family and friends.