This is an open event hall of raised Belian wooden floors with standard stage size with dressing rooms, wall screen framed backdrop, with ready cables for lights and sound installations which is connected to a control room. It is also connected to a big Belian and Bamboo Baruk Kopial (round warrior head house) for the VVIP to look down at the stage performances when event is held there. This hall can accommodate about 50 dining tables and in theatre style seating can accommodate up to 1000 people. Next to this hall is also provided with open concrete platform space to accommodate two canopies for added flexibility in capacity and usage.

This is a light steel prefabricated block with meeting/activity room of 30ft by 40ft on the first floor and the kitchen/catering area as well as a café on the ground floor overlooking the Rainforest Kidau Tribal Hall so that one can enjoy watching the performance at the Rainforest Kidau Tribal Hall while enjoying his food and drinks at the café.The meeting/activity room can be used as administration/meeting room by the organisers of events at BTV as well as temporary prayer room if necessary. The Kitchen/catering section is for serving the Rainforest Kidau Tribal Hall event as well as for the café.

BBQ can be had at the front end of the dining hall at the catering/open kitchen area as well as at the Adis Riverbank and under the chalets and any other open ground with prior permission of BTV Management.

Dining Hall provided with Kitchen, BBQ and Catering facilities, mini stage, dressing room and office. It can accommodate a maximum capacity of about 250pax diners and has open sides to allow more flexibility in capacity.

A dedicated camping site is provided at the cleared undergrowth of the secondary jungles next to the 76 doors Public Toilets and Showers to provide convenience to the campers as well as to keep the camping site clean and free of health hazards. Camping is also allowed at any of the big empty space/grounds within BTV compound with prior permission and arrangement of BTV Management.

There are three locations for Public Toilets. One location is between the camp site and the tribal village for the campers, visitors and back up to the longhouses comprising of 78 doors of toilets / showers.Another location is by the rainforest hall comprising of 12 doors of toilet. The third location is at the riverbank annex for the use of the riverbank picnic goers and visitors comprising of 8 doors of toilets / showers.

This is a single storey block of 3 Lecture halls of 40ft by 30ft each that are connected to each other by roller shutter partitions so that it can be used as 3 separate rooms of 40ft by 30ft each, or as two rooms of 40ft by 60ft and one room of 40ft by 30ft, or open up all the partitions to make one hall of 40ft by 90ft long. Thus, this configuration of lecture/activity rooms offer flexibility in usage and to accommodate different needs and size of crowds using this facility. This block has a covered walkway to provide a convenient environmentally friendly access to the dining hall.


The proposal BTV Cottage car park on the hilltop can also be used as a helicopter landing pad. Fronting the BTV Main Entrances, there are ample spaces for at least 10 buses and many car parking lots. Car parking spaces are also available all along the whole length of the main road fronting the BTV site, and along the BTV internal roads as well as at the nearby Redeems Bamboo Park car parking area. All these car parking facilities are targeted to accommodate for up to at least 100 cars and light vehicles


Buggy Track is provided along the visitors trail and some jungle parts of BTV to cater for those who need buggy to move around easily and enjoy the facilities and unique scenery of BTV Leisurely.A jungle track of about 3KM is done in the jungle area of BTV that can be used for jungle trekking, jogging and mountain biking. The route of the jungle track is such that every about 1KM of the journey, it end up back to the Village so that one can choose to walk one, two, or three kilometre (KM) at one own convenience and still be near home all the time.


The open greenery that runs along the Centre of the BTV is also made to be the Mini Football Golf Fairway of 9 holes/goalposts. This is to provide a niche product for BTV guests to indulge in to promote fellowship, skill and strategy.The game is to be played with small football for each player to be kicked with the legs to pass through the goal posts at the other end and every touch/kick of the ball once the game is started from the starting box is counted as a stroke to determine the total score of every player and the least strokes made will be the winner in a competition or contest.