Towards Tribal and Perpetual Wellness experience


To have an ecosystem of Tribal heritage with Borneo backdrop for knowledge, experience and leisure towards perpetual wellness.


The activities that you can do at BTV are as far as you can dare to imagine for a jungle resort like BTV. Taking advantage of its close proximity to the city, exclusive location, easy accessibility, facilities available and natural environment and the other attractions around Bau and Lundu Districts.

However, the identified suitable activities that can be held at BTV are as follows:-

  1. Study Tour and Leisure Visits
  2. Photo shoot for wedding, film making, documentary, research …..etc
  3. Events – corporate, family and NGOs
  4. Retreats – public and private sectors
  5. Sports & games – hash run, cycling, jungle tracking, bird race …..etc
  6. Training – seminars, workshop, living skill, brainstorming and meditation …etc
  7. Festival – Gawai festival, musical and cultural shows

BTV has inaugurated the First BORNEO TRIBAL FEST on 9/7/2017 as its iconic event and hope to grow this event into a full pledge festival in the coming years and to hold this event annually to stay true to its TRIBAL THEME.