Borneo Tribal Village (BTV) offers a unique and exciting place to visit and an attractive tourism product with its niche tribal theme and thoughtful planning and development that offers many attraction as follows:-

  1. Having niche content such as:
    • Tribal architecture and heritage like the Tribal Hut, Tribal House and Tribal Museum.
    • Fish feeding pond with unique filtering system, underground water well, gazebo, aquaponics, waterfall and tortoise pit.
    • Stingless Bee (Kelulut) Garden
    • Gardens for samples of
      1. Borneo & Sarawak Timber Trees
      2. Selected Bamboo species of the world
      3. Wild orchid and pitcher plants
      4. Local herbs and spices
      5. Vegetables and fruit trees
      6. Adis riverbank for river activities
      7. Nearby REDEEMS Bamboo Botanical Park with virgin jungle and jungle trekking and historical site of Obut Pikatang.
  2. Other General Attractions
    • Closeness and accessibility to Kuching City of only about 35KM that you can reach BTV within 40 minutes travelling time on tar sealed road comfortably.
    • Connected with 24/7 water and electricity supply from town and reachable by hand phone.
    • BTV has quite a comprehensive facilities, good selections of accommodation available, and many activities that can be held on site and can be used as a base to visit nearby attractions in Bau District like the wind cave, the fairy cave, REDEEMS Centre, the border Kampong Serikin Weekend Market, Gold mine Town of Bau and Tasik Biru, CMPC (Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre) at Mount Singai, Brooke Heritage site at Mount Serembu and Ancient Bidayuh settlements sites such as Mount Singai, Bung Bratak and Bung Jagoi and Siniawan Night Weekend Market.